Young, Jill

Home Base:
Irving, Texas 75063, United States
Service Area:
Dallas-Fort Worth
About This Implementer

Jill Young, an entrepreneur, speaker, Certified EOS Implementer®, Head Coach and former Community Builder at EOS® Worldwide, specializes in guiding business owners to create vision, experience traction, and form unified teams.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Jill learned the advantages of having a clear vision and doing what you say you’ll do from an early age. She witnessed and participated in the struggles and successes of the family business, and those experiences helped her become the dynamic and approachable leader she is today. After earning a BS in Psychology and an MBA, Jill held leadership positions in the industries of HR, For-Profit Education, and Professional Training. Before becoming an EOS Implementer full-time, she was the president of a forward-thinking, business solutions-based CPA firm.

As a Certified EOS Implementer since 2014, Jill has had the honor of implementing EOS in over 750 Sessions and continues to coach AWESOME entrepreneurs who are on a journey to become their BEST! In her role as Head Coach, she is responsible for ensuring all EOS Implementers deliver quality EOS Implementation to their clients. Jill is the author of three books: The Earning Advantage, which teaches employees of entrepreneurial companies that they must provide more value in order to get paid more; The Courage Advantage, which teaches entrepreneurs new mindsets that enable them to thrive by working in courage rather than fear; and The Thinking Advantage, designed to empower entrepreneurial leaders to teach their teams to think deeper, more creatively, and more effectively for the good of the company.


We had a great traction meeting this week and we are so lucky to have found you to help us get on the same page. It has made a tremendous difference in our operations and overall stress levels! Thanks also for the follow-up emails from the meeting!


Her intelligence, dedication, and drive in helping my company through prior challenges, and now to establish a growth plan, have been immeasurable! She has helped bring a renewed, energized confidence to myself as a business owner and to my leadership team.


I know we can be a huge pain in the butt to deal with and you have to have really thick skin to deal with all of us. You’re doing a fantastic job and are hugely valuable to the growth of our company and us as leaders.


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