Schneiber, Kurt

Home Base:
Houston, TX 77389
Service Area:
Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Northern California
About This Implementer

Kurt Schneiber has been running businesses, large and small, in a variety of industries since 1996. In 2010-11 he and his leadership team fully deployed the EOS tools and disciplines to tremendous effect. The challenges and problems didn’t go away, but the solutions uncovered themselves more quickly and clearly.

Since the sale of that business in 2013, Kurt has devoted himself to helping other entrepreneurs find and capture exactly what they want and need from their businesses. Over the last several years Kurt has facilitated more than 500 full-day EOS sessions. He lives and breathes his passion: to make a positive, meaningful, and lasting difference in the lives of the people he meets every day.

And, yes, he has a full life. He and his wonderful wife have raised four fantastic children, and they now have 12 grandchildren. Life is, indeed, good. He’s devoted to health and fitness and finds abiding joy in his faith.

All of this, the professional and the personal, yields a sense of purpose and vision. Kurt is grounded. The roots are deep. His clients value this long-range perspective. He says frequently, “Life is not a race. Let’s figure this out together so that you have the confidence you need to make the right and best next decision for the company.” The horizon becomes clear. The path unveils itself sufficiently. Better decisions are the outcome.



Implementing EOS has been great for our business. We have a method to dig in and solve most of our issues in a small block of time, which occurs each week. This both solves problems quickly and keeps us accountable to each other, and to the business. I became frustrated with the staff’s lack of attention to important details. It was not a lack of conviction, it was the lack of a set structure to measure and solve problems. EOS provides a method and structure to account for these details.

Chris Davenport COO & Co-Founder, 3i International

As a result of EOS we’ve experienced 38 percent business growth and net profit is up 150 percent! EOS has provided us a simplified process for having the right people in the right seats. We now really understand the importance of the different organizational roles and how each contributes to the whole. And if you adopt a simple structured management system and focus short-term goals, you can achieve amazing results. We love EOS! And Kurt has made a huge difference for us.

Jack Borba President, Straight Line Construction

EOS has greatly improved the cohesiveness of my leadership team, which has trickled down to the rest of the organization and greatly improved our overall culture. EOS has also helped us improve our bottom line by becoming more focused and by helping us make sure we have the right people in the right positions. As the leader, I have been able to reduce my stress and spend more time doing the things I enjoy most. Working with Kurt has been so easy. He’s just straightforward. ETDBW!

Derek Steele President, Outdoor Elements

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