Saunders, Gregg

Home Base:
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN 55025
Service Area:
Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth
About This Implementer

Gregg has owned and operated 5 companies; 4 of which implemented EOS. The reason he started helping others implement EOS is because of the first hand experience of the success and results

People: Companies have successfully transitioned to more engaged teams of the right people, in the right seats, creating a culture of discipline and accountability
Focus: Leadership teams have been able to “delegate & elevate” to their teams, allowing them to focus and execute on the top priorities of their company
Profitability: Companies have gone from years of break-even to generating substantial profit within two years of starting EOS
Time: Owners/Entrepreneurs were allowed to focus their time on the things that they love to do and are best at in the business allowing them more time to spend with their families and interests outside of work.


“Your ability to facilitate a meeting is amazing. You keep the pace and stick to the process. You have a “motivational interviewing” technique pointing us in the right direction and allowing us to solve the problem. Communication is fantastic. Its starts with your great listening skills. You intervene, at just the right times, to keep us on track. Your past experience shows when we ask for help. You inspire us with your passion for EOS.

Kevin Roach, Roach & Associates – Visionary (Partner)

“Our time involved with EOS has been useful and pointed. It has given the people under the leader the ability to recognize where they can have an impact on the organization. You do well managing our team of strong personalities and offer an objective point of view. You are very knowledgeable and you draw and teach well from the EOS system and bring forth your personal business experiences. It is evident that you care about us and our success.”

Colin Kimball, Kasota Stone – Integrator.

“Implementing EOS with you has been hugely valuable. What I didn’t expect is the value you have created by introducing us to the network you built while running your own businesses (marketing, banking, raising money). That alone is worth 10x what we are spending on implementing EOS.”

Jake Barkley, Barkley Landscaping – Visionary (owner).


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