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Preda, Steve

Home Base:
Richmond Metro, VA 23060
Service Area:
Virginia, Maryland, DC
About This Implementer

Since the age of 10, Steve Preda dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, inspired by his great-grandfather, who had built a legendary bakery business in Budapest, Hungary.

After studying and working in Hungary, Greece, The Netherlands and the UK, in 2002, Steve decided to realize his dream by starting MB Partners, a Consulting firm in Budapest, helping private companies find buyers and investors. Through many painful mistakes, by 2007, MB Partners achieved market leadership, but after the global financial crisis, they hit the ceiling. That was when Steve read Gino Wickman’s Traction, which changed his life and his company. Implementing EOS reignited MB Partners’s growth, and in 2013, a Private Equity group bought the firm, allowing Steve and his family of six to move to the United States.

After settling in Virginia, Steve realized that his passion lay with helping entrepreneurs build fast-growing, high-profit and self-managing businesses. Therefore, he embarked on becoming a Certified EOS Implementer.

In 2013, Steve moved with his family to the United States and embarked on a journey to become a keynote speaker and Certified EOS Implementer, so that he could help others too reap the benefits of Traction. He has now taught EOS to over thirty companies in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, many of which have witnessed dramatic growth in revenue, profits and culture, as a result.

Since 2016, Steve has helped over three dozen leadership teams clarify, simplify and achieve their visions by mastering the simple concepts and practical tools of EOS.


We were a company that was truly dysfunctional in our operations. It’s amazing to see how 12 months of focus on a system really got us back in the right direction. Our new hires now rave how organized our onboarding process is.

Ethan Giffin, CEO, Groove Commerce

You have helped us begin to get at underlying, unresolved, undiscussed issues in pursuit of honest, candid and constructive communication and search for the truth. I am glad we met, glad we engaged you and very pleased with the results.

Harlan Reichle, Owner, Reichle Klein Group

Heinan Landa, Visionary and David Campbell, Integrator, Optimal Networks

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