Finn, Jessica

Home Base:
Phoenix, AZ 85253
Service Area:
Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Nevada
About This Implementer

Jessica’s energetic, well organized, optimistic, super direct (yet not abrasive) thoughtful and fun. At the age of 25, Jessica Finn founded a world-class company specializing in event/experiential marketing staffing and execution throughout the US and Canada. She dedicated 18 years to serving her clients, which consisted of leading global agencies and Fortune 1000 clients to include Coca-Cola’s Venturing Emerging Brands,, State Farm, Nintendo, Samsung, Singularity University, Singularity University, etc.

Jessica led the company from $0-26M in revenue with an average annual growth rate of 43%. During the company’s 18 years they won the INC 5000 four times, employed 60 internal staff as well as thousands of part-time W2 gig-economy field employees throughout North America.

Since exiting the company in 2017, Jessica has been focused on her entrepreneurial spirit and building new and exciting ventures that reflect her talent, experience, and ability to positively effect quality of life. Her adventurous nature is contagious. She loves innovation, problem solving, and building things to make people’s lives easier.

With the use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), she has found the best framework to share her key learning’s and help entrepreneurs get everything they want out of their businesses, as well as avoid some of the pitfalls that she sees (and has personally experienced) in the entrepreneurial community.

Implementing EOS allows Jessica to facilitate a dynamic that comes naturally to her: build relationships with other business owners, create a proven road map to their success, expedite their growth, and live the life of their dreams. Jessica works with best-in-class-companies (most are YPO’ers). Her “sweet spot” is working with clients $10M-$250M.

Jessica is an active member of YPO and a former member of EO. Her main states for working with EOS clients are currently AZ, CA, CO, UT, OR


Jessica Finn’s implementation of EOS to our leadership team has been completely transformative. Her experience and direct approach have made implementation easy and seamless despite the challenges of adopting a completely new system to manage our business. While we are less than halfway through our EOS journey, we are already seeing positive results and I have no doubt we will be exponentially more efficient and productive as we fully implement the system.

John David, USA BMX, Chief Operating Officer

I joined EO and YPO to help be more strategic and make better decisions. I soon realized that I needed a better system to be more efficient with company meetings and company goals. I turned to EOS and more importantly Jessica Finn. Having Jessica roll out the concept was a game changer for my company and leadership. Her background as a seasoned entrepreneur brought leadership quality facilitation to my company leadership. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Ken McElroy, YPO Member, MC Companies, CEO

The process and discipline of EOS has transformed how our leadership team functions. We are much more focused on the few key initiatives that will move our business forward. Jessica is an incredible facilitator. Her experience as a CEO of a substantial operating company combined with her dedication and passion for helping other leaders is a powerful combination.”

Diana Mead, YPO Member, OnePoint Franchise Accounting ,Managing Partner
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