Robertson-Lavalle, Jaime

Home Base:
São Paulo, São SP 05802, Brazil
Buenos Aires C1009, Argentina
Service Area:
São Paulo Brazil, Buenos Aires Argentina
About This Implementer

Is there a better way? That question hit me hard when I experienced first-hand the same struggles leaders go through on a daily basis. I was barely 30 when someone offered me the backing to start a business selling and designing telecom components. It amazed me that anyone would be so irresponsible with their money, but as an engineer who was too young to know any better, I jumped in with both feet into the adventure.

The business did really well; we grew to over 12 countries and became #1 in the market. Internally however, managing the rapid growth was far from a smooth ride, and I learnt some tough, invaluable lessons on how avoidable mistakes can lead you to constant scrambling and ‘firefighting’.

Those lessons stayed with me in my next career phase as an investor in technology businesses, and in engaging with many companies I discovered that what I really loved was helping leaders scale and grow their organizations. So much potential and contagious excitement was unlocked every time I could help them find a better way.

My passion clear, I started Zermatt Dusk and for over 10 years have been helping entrepreneurial leaders achieve their dreams. In that journey I came across EOS® and it was love at first sight. Being an EOS Implementer is my sweet spot, the better way to channel this passion of helping leadership teams become the very best they can be.

As a native of Argentina, Jaime enjoys implementing EOS in English and Spanish. He also has a knack for business innovation, and was recently named an Innovation Fellow by Columbia University. Jaime believes strongly in giving back: he serves on the board of Hackensack Meridian Behavioral Health, the behavioral health system of New Jersey’s largest and most integrated healthcare network. Jaime lives in New Jersey with his wife and children.

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