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White, Chris

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Chris is a 3rd generation entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship has been a part of Chris’ life since an early age, as he watched his father build two successful companies from scratch before embarking on his own journey in the business world. Over the years, he developed and strengthened his entrepreneurial skills through direct experience, keen observations, education, and a strong work ethic, all the while learning from his mistakes.

Working in corporate sales for a family-owned Motorola distribution company, he took a neglected territory and increased sales and gross profit margins 110% to become the companies second leading territory six years in a row. Chris built a significant client base that included successful corporate accounts including Harley Davidson, Miller Brewing Company, Kohler, Honda and Ford Motor Company. After his corporate sales experiences, Chris found himself gravitating toward the challenge of starting and building his own business.

He partnered with a software engineer and forged a successful software company from the ground up. Chris provided leadership and coordination of the company sales and marketing functions as well as develop targeted markets. After years of business development and hard-earned sales growth, the programming rights for the POS software program were sold for seven figures to a fortune 500 company.

Chris then entered the medical industry with a custom EHR program designed specifically for Podiatrists. Focusing on the doctors needs, the software quickly became a dominant player in the industry. In time, the EHR software program and the company were purchased for a substantial amount. Chris and his wife Darlene started a new company that provides an online education program for physicians and their staff to be trained on medicare approved products and services. The company quickly filled an enormous gap in the medical industry and is now under his wife’s direction as Chris dedicates his time to teaching the EOS model.



We were self-implementing for over 6 months. While we made some progress, we were not getting the full impact of EOS without professional help. Chris came into our business, did the 90 minute meeting and we were on board. The system works and Chris was an integral part of helping us build the momentum to do so. If you want to have a real positive impact on your business performance, put Chris to work for you and your team ASAP. Otherwise, just get use to excepting mediocre results.

Tim Sheehan, Lazydays RV

I personally recommend both Chris White and the EOS process to any business owner, especially if yours is successful. Using EOS, Chris was able to help me and my executive team sharpen our blade and address our daily business with more focus using basic time-tested methods. Chris is an excellent team coach who will earn your trust and help you realize your goals.

Hank Goradesky, A.G. Findings & MFG Company

I met Chris at a monthly CEO round table meeting that he was introducing his services and it was like I was at a sermon and your saying to yourself, that’s me you’re talking about. I knew right away this was something that we needed to do ASAP. I live, eat and breathe EOS. I tell all of my business associates about it and encourage them to at least look into it for their sake and mine. Traction, like they say is nothing new, just all the good ways of running a company compiled into one system.

Donald Hess Jr., B & D Enterprises

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