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Wedren, Jeff

Home Base:
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419
Service Area:
Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Greater Minnesota, Wisconsin
About This Implementer

Jeff Wedren is committed to helping people get what they want from their businesses. As a Professional EOS Implementer™ and one of Gino Wickman’s first clients, Jeff has extensive experience driving a business’s vision and gaining traction from the inside. Ever since his start as a founding member of Niche Retail, Jeff has been employing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) with much success. Having worked intimately with the EOS tools for over 15 years and as an EOS Implementer, Jeff is in the unique position of being able to coach business leaders with his long history of practical application.

That practical application has spanned many entrepreneurial situations. Jeff’s experiences include navigating complexities of building a business from scratch, earning a place on the Inc 500 list, surviving recessions, and creating explosive growth through acquisition.

Seeing the benefit to business leadership firsthand, Jeff has developed a passion for helping other leaders use EOS to manage their own businesses.



Jeff’s patience, deep understanding of EOS principles and processes, and positive energy have motivated the Executive Team to fully adopt EOS as our operating system. Most importantly, as an organization, our vision, purpose, and values are clear and the L10s have been a break-through practice for the Executive Team to quickly resolve key issues restricting our growth. Jeff has been a fantastic Implementer and guide through this process.

Ryan O’Connell, President, Duke Cannon Supply Co.

EOS was an obvious model for us to adopt to continue moving our business forward. We tried with some level of success to ‘self-implement’ but quickly realized we were deviating and missing a lot of core components of EOS. With Jeff’s guidance in implementing EOS, he has brought immense clarity and focus to our organization. We have been able to put to paper and practice our goals, focus and values that were previously spinning around in people’s heads or were not exactly right for our business.

John Flavin, CEO, Softcrylic

As an integral part of our team, Kelly Roofing has enjoyed years of success, even in a down economy, thanks to our partnership with Jeff Wedren. There is no doubt that Jeff is a major reason why Kelly Roofing is ranked as one of the TOP 100 Roofing Contractors in America (Roofing Contractor Magazine 2003-current) and America’s Contractor of the Year 2020.

Ken Kelly, President, Kelly Roofing

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