EOS Implementer


Wallace, Dan

Home Base:
Chicago, Illinois 60605
Service Area:
Chicago Metro; willing to travel
About This Implementer

Dan is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and has had a 30-year career encompassing investment banking, strategy consulting and operating entrepreneurial businesses.

Across those different roles, his focus has always been helping owners create value in their businesses. Over his career, Dan has helped owners create and realize more than $3 billion of value.

Dan is passionate about small and mid-sized businesses. For the past 18 years, he has had his own consulting practice, through which he has advised dozens of owners of small and middle market companies. Three of those owners asked him to run their companies. He increased the value of one of them by a factor of 7 in less than 24 months

Dan is a Certified Implementer of EOS® and has been helping companies implement it since 2010. Over that time, he has conducted nearly 400 sessions with more than 50 companies.

You can contact Dan through this website or by calling him at (630) 803-6625.


We execute, communicate and perform better than we did 15 months ago. The bottom line is better. In our last quarter, we completed over 20 major projects among a team of 6, and got the rest of our normal work done at the same time. Without qualification I can say that we would never have achieved what we did if it wasn’t for our EOS training and adoption, and Dan’s support and facilitation.

Rick Wohlner, Precision Laboratories

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