EOS Implementer


Tompkins, Tommy

Home Base:
Boulder, CO 80303, United States
Service Area:
Denver/Front Range
About This Implementer

Tommy has always believed business is a team sport – good fundamentals are key to performance and usually win the day. He shares a deep faith in the fundamental tools and disciplines of EOS.

Having played various roles on multiple leadership teams, he’s seen the good, the bad and the really bad over “many years” of experience in companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500. Successful growth? check. Cultural disaster? check. Etc.

What can teams expect when working with Tommy?
– high energy and empathy
– clear communication and sense of purpose
– deep library of relevant content (junkie alert – cases, books, stories, interviews, podcasts)
– make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler
– maintain perspective and have a few laughs along the way

Tommy excels at engaging with teams wherever they may be, and helping them evolve to their full potential – and making it a fun and rewarding ride.

Mobile: 720-935-4471

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