EOS Implementer


Tinney, Don

Home Base:
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Service Area:
Within 200 miles of Kalamazoo
About This Implementer

Don has a 30+ year history of helping entrepreneurial teams of ordinary people consistently deliver and achieve something extraordinary. As an owner in the Integrator seat of three very successful companies, Don has and still does practice everything he teaches. None of this is theory for Don. He has been there and done all of what he teaches others to do.

Gino Wickman was the EOS creator/founder and the first EOS Implementer in the world. Don was the second with now more than thirteen years of experience implementing EOS with business leadership teams across the United States and across several industries. He is a skilled teacher, facilitator and coach, devoting himself to helping entrepreneurial businesses become their best and live at a level of 87 or higher on the EOS Organizational Checkup.


Imperial Beverage, Kalamazoo, MI

Suburban Inns, Holland, MI

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