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Stern, Sara

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Saint Paul, MN 55108
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About This Implementer

I’m on a quest to get owners what they want from their family business and build lasting legacies. As the former director of the nationally recognized Family Business Center at the University of Saint Thomas, a seasoned coach and a Certified EOS Implementer™ I help my clients get real, simple results.

My family business clients get clear on their vision, their leadership teams are accountable and cohesive and they work together as a healthy team. They are ready for succession, have clarity on the roles needed for the future of the business, understand the skills needed to do those jobs and make decisions based on a shared vision of the future of the family business.



I was as skeptical as anyone about using EOS. Since working with Sara, all of our leaders, from our head office to the general managers in our shops are able to get more done with the same amount of people. Our team feels included. They are energetic about their work. This process has changed the way we do business.

Integrator, Multi-Shop Restaurant.

We never could have turned around one of our subsidiaries without Sara’s help.

Visionary, Manufacturing Company with 4 Subsidiaries

I wouldn’t have had to buy out my siblings if we had EOS a few years ago. We would have known our numbers. We would have seen what was coming. We all would have known our roles. I’m so glad we have it now, and I recommend it for all family businesses that want to grow.

Owner, Manufacturing Company

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