EOS Implementer


Snyder, Kris

Home Base:
Cleveland, OH 44131
Service Area:
Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago
About This Implementer

Kris Snyder is an entrepreneur, business leader, board member, and professional EOS Implementer who helps companies grow, thrive, and realize maximum potential.

As the former CEO of Vox Mobile, Kris devoted himself to the enterprise mobility market for more than 15 years. In 2006, Kris founded Vox, which quickly ascended as a leader in the $15B global managed mobility services marketplace.

Kris led Vox Mobile’s growth by leveraging venture capital partnerships and building like-minded business communities. Focusing on his passion for community alliances, in 2011, Kris helped found GEMA, a global joint venture headquartered in Switzerland which acts as a delivery network for mobile managed services in 87 countries.

Inspired by his family’s experience with juvenile arthritis, he has served in several leadership roles for the Arthritis Foundation’s Northeast Ohio Chapter including Board Member and Chairperson for the Walk to Cure Arthritis.

Kris is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH. He spends his most important time with his wife, Beth, and two daughters, Ella and Tess.

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