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Smith, Marisa

Home Base:
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Service Area:
Michigan, Ohio, Willing to travel for the right client
About This Implementer

Certified EOS Implementer Marisa Smith has always been obsessed with business. While other kids played with Barbie dolls and Matchbox cars, she created imaginary companies in her basement and spent her allowance on office supplies.

Marisa brought her entrepreneurial dreams to fruition in 2002 when she founded The Whole Brain Group and grew it into a full-service inbound marketing agency with clients around the world. Ten years into her journey, she realized her company had “hit the ceiling,” and would not be able to scale without changing the way it was operating. Within two years of implementing EOS® in her firm, Marisa delegated day-to-day operations to her Integrator to take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to become Director of Marketing for EOS Worldwide.

During her four years on the EOS Worldwide Leadership Team, she transformed the company’s marketing efforts, implementing a lead generation strategy that helped the company grow by more than 400%. Her passion for teaching people about EOS inspired Marisa to become an EOS Implementer and dedicate herself to helping other entrepreneurs break through the ceiling, accelerate their growth, improve profitability, and have more fun.

In 2020, Marisa also joined the Coaching Team at EOS Worldwide as the Detroit Regional Community Builder to train and mentor new members of our Professional EOS Implementer Community on their journey to mastery.

Today, Marisa loves spending her time teaching, coaching, and facilitating sessions with clients at the Traction Training Center, her dedicated EOS session space in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ask Marisa’s clients, and they’ll tell you that she’s structured and demanding, but fun and loving at the same time.

Marisa’s company, Same Page Leadership, LLC, has been certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by WBENC.


Scott and Tracy Aubuchon, Co-Owners of Rejuv Ave.

Jim Richards, CEO, Total Security Solutions

While the EOS system brilliantly connects all the pieces of the business puzzle, we would not be as far along as we are without Marisa’s direction and guidance. She facilitates difficult conversations and has the background and experience to guide our conversations, tell stories based on her past, and offer opinions and a healthy perspective.

Melissa Kennedy, Meadowlark Builders

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