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Siembieda, Bobi

Home Base:
Chicago, IL 60185
Service Area:
Chicago and Denver - Willing to travel
About This Implementer

Bobi has worked in, managed, serviced, run and grown entrepreneurial companies for 35+ years. It is her passion to contribute to the economic engine of our great country. It is the ingenuity, innovation and people that ignite her passion. Bobi has lead and directed large teams of people while managing budgets for and implementing multi-million dollar implementations of technology solutions and change spanning all levels of an organization.

As a strategic partner to companies like The Pampered Chef, she contributed to hyper-growth from $40mm in revenue to $800mm in revenue in less than 10 years and their expansion into Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico. Prior to becoming an EOS Implementer, Bobi co-founded a technology company. She led Thatcher to become a sustainable software development company creating a Sales Force Compensation and Performance Management software suite for the Direct Selling/Network Marketing Industry. Her team sold and implemented that product into a deeply established and very competitive niche.
While Bobi has accumulated extensive business acumen, she would tell you that her proudest accomplishment is raising three incredible children, Nick, Sean and Kati. Having the ability to balance her business appetite with the responsibilities of running a home and raising a family gives her a broader range of insight when working with business owners and their leadership teams.
In addition to working with her clients and spending time with her family, Bobi mentors for an organization named Family Helping Families. FHF provides apartments and volunteer mentors to homeless families while they are working to reclaim their lives through education.Bobi knows that a compelling vision needs relentless execution. She will be a partner with you in achieving every part of your vision!
If you would like to learn more about EOS and working with Bobi, contact her today at 630.728.4177.


We have worked with Bobi for almost two years now. She’s taken us from a group of people doing stuff for clients to running a ‘real’ business. In that time we’ve more than doubled employee count, diversified revenues and built a management team that has grown the business so far beyond what I could have done on my own. I’m getting married next month and will be out of the office for three weeks. This would not ever have been possible without Bobi & EOS. Best $$ I ever spent.

Paul Rakovich, Clicks and Clients
Marc Gutman, Lighthouse Conferencing

Bobi has been crucial to our successful adoption of EOS. Her facilitation and insight during our quarterly and annual offsite sessions has given us the freedom to work on our business in a way that has transformed how we operate. Since adopting EOS and engaging Bobi, we have grown our business in excess of 40% year over year. We have moved from dismal ratings in our six key components to high double digit percentages. We have maintained a focused pulse on our business and greatly reduced and eliminated the fire-drill atmosphere pre-EOS. I look forward to my time with Bobi each quarter. The ROI is obvious and significant. She gets my full endorsement and recommendation as an EOS implementer. That’s not just talk either. I have recommended her to several firms that have engaged her services and been equally pleased.

Brent Weaver, uGurus
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