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Shmaya, Pinches

Home Base:
Monroe, New York 10950, United States
Service Area:
New York, New Jersey. Willing to travel
About This Implementer

His entire life, especially since entering the workforce, Pinches invariably found himself eager and passionate to help people in desperate need with Guidance and support.

Be it at his first job as a private tutor where he helped struggling teenagers get up to speed within the school system, avoiding potential dropouts. Or later on, when he became a salesperson at a men’s clothing store: To this day, he still get praise from people he had the pleasure to serve.

Pinches then entered the entrepreneurial world were he used that same passion. Pinches was operations leader in 2 companies where he was passionate about helping build the right systems and structures, putting those systems into SOP and saved thousands of dollars by making sure that people are following and executing within the system and structure.

Pinches got introduced to EOS, when in one of his experiences – due to broken leadership – people were frustrated and overwhelmed, and there was a general lack of focus and vision for increased growth. By being heavily involved in the implementation, and seeing what impact it had on the leaders, and on every single team member, and how astonishingly it helped everyone become unstuck and crystal clear on what’s needed from them; he decided to devote his life to EOS and use it to help other business owners get more of what they want from their businesses. And had since then facilitated 100’s of sessions, helping and inspiring many leadership teams achieving great results.

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