EOS Implementer


Sedor, Dan

Home Base:
Lincoln, NE 68516
Service Area:
Nebraska and surrounding states
About This Implementer

Dan Sedor is a Certified Professional EOS® Implementer and Strategic Growth Advisor at Leadership Resources. He’s committed to helping entrepreneurial leaders get more of what they want from their business and life. Dan has more than 13 years of strategic planning experience, facilitating hundreds of strategic planning sessions even prior to becoming a Professional EOS® Implementer. He’s facilitated strategic planning for more than 100 organizations over the last 13 years, ranging from large corporations to mid-size companies and startups, across a wide variety of industries.

As a company co-founder, Dan understands leadership development and strategic planning not only as a facilitator but also a business owner. Dan’s background includes three decades of experience in a variety of leadership positions at international companies, in areas of sales management, human relations and engineering.

As an award-winning facilitator, Dan has personally trained, coached, and presented to thousands of business professionals. He holds certifications from coaching organizations including Fowler Wainright International and “8 to Great”. Dan’s ability to engage audiences, focus intentions and navigate personality differences make him a sought-after facilitator for strategic solutions. His optimism and patience are standout qualities noticed by clients and employees alike.

Dan’s experience at Leadership Resources, coupled with his extensive experience as a coach of youth sports motivated him to write his first book titled, MODEL Coach, a guide for coaches of youth sports. He is also a keynote speaker and regular presenter at executive groups and forums such as Vistage International.

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