EOS Implementer


Schwartz, Tzvi

Home Base:
West Hempstead, NY 11552, United States
Service Area:
Covering the Tri-State area; willing to travel
About This Implementer

Tzvi is incredibly passionate about helping business owners run a better business. As the owner of an electrical contracting firm, Tzvi ran a great business… but not without experiencing all the the issues that often cripple mid-size businesses.

After 16 years, Tzvi sold the company and joined a larger union firm as the Director of Business Development. It didn’t take long before Tzvi discovered that the company may have been larger in size… but they still struggled with the very same issues!

When the business took on EOS everything started to fall into place. Getting the right people in the right seats – following the processes, was a real game changer. The company grew 400% over just 4 years. After the company graduated from their Certified EOS Implementer, Tzvi continued the EOS roll out company wide, effectively helping the company achieve it’s vision.

Upon seeing the remarkable results EOS provided, Tzvi chose to leave his position from the leadership team and pursue his passion of helping other business owners run a better a business and live a better life.


Tzvi is the real deal. He has helped me transform my company from a small office to a large formidable company. He’s been there to support us and guide us through this incredible journey.

Joel Stern, SAM Planning

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