EOS Implementer


Schuette, Troy

Home Base:
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 55386
Service Area:
Minnesota, willing to travel
About This Implementer

Troy’s passion is, and has always been, GROWTH – personal growth, revenue growth, and profitable growth. This passion for growth is what led him to start his
company when he was 21 and is what still drives him today.

During the 23 years that Troy ran his company, he encountered the full range of entrepreneurial emotion. From the fear of not making payroll, to the exhausting thrill of growing at 25% per year, to the satisfaction of a successful sale and exit. While Troy did well in his business, he chose to sell because he lost his passion for growing the company. He is also a little ashamed to admit that the book Traction sat on a shelf in his office for the last five of those 23 years!

After he sold his company, Troy finally read Traction. He immediately realized how much easier his business would have been to run and grow had he implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) into his organization. As an entrepreneur, Troy has long believed that the problems business owners encounter always seem to center around people, time, and money. Having read Traction, he now believes that EOS® is without a doubt the best system available to entrepreneurs for addressing these three problematic issues and for experiencing sustainable, chaos-free growth.

Because of this, Troy has committed himself to helping other entrepreneurs like him solve these issues and ensure that they experience the GROWTH that they truly want and deserve!


Troy is made to be an EOS Implementer! He goes above and beyond to make each session the best it can be. He’s very detail oriented and makes sure to accommodate everyone’s needs. He always goes the extra mile for his clients, even bringing in cupcakes to celebrate an upcoming birthday. Troy excels at organization, mediating difficult conversations, and communication. He is extremely knowledgeable with the EOS processes and tools and is able to articulate the importance of each step.

Amy Stewart, VP Operations SureSwift Capital

Troy is an excellent EOS facilitator! His organizational and leadership skills are superb! His ability to see beyond the words and discern the underlying ideas is quite discerning. I know that ProPlate is immensely better off for going down the EOS path and having Troy as our facilitator and leader.

Craig Ingalls, Owner, ProPlate

Troy is doing a great job with us at The Winery at Sovereign Estate. His knowledge of EOS and experience of successfully running a business combine masterfully in getting our management team “on the right track”.

Dan Murphy, Finance, The Winery at Sovereign Estate

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