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Schrader, Ken

Home Base:
Thornton, Colorado 80602
3300 Carlton Avenue , Fort Collins, Colorado 80525, United States
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Service Area:
Colorado, Rocky Mountain Region
About This Implementer

Long-time entrepreneur…CEO…Integrator…teacher/coach…EOS Implementer…15 EOS company implementations…

Are you a frustrated Entrepreneur? Ken is ready to partner with you on your EOS journey and help you get the business and life you want!

Ken’s 35 years of experience starting, running, and turning around entrepreneurial organizations, combined with his passion to teach and coach, and his EOS expertise make him an ideal partner for any entrepreneur wanting to take their company to the next level.

Ken started Traction360 to help entrepreneurs implement EOS®, a proven management operating system that enables them to get 100% alignment, execute well and achieve desired results. Before becoming an EOS implementer, Ken spent 14 years starting, scaling, and running entrepreneurial organizations. Additionally, he spent 19 years in a Fortune 50 company where he led several new business startups, igniting his entrepreneurial spirit and love for building great businesses. Ken has extensive finance and manufacturing experience.

Ken’s true passion people, focused on helping people grow and achieve life and business goals. He coaches high-performing team formation, alignment, and execution.

Ken co-founded and served as the President of a NPO dedicated to bringing character to youth athletics. He has held leadership positions in the Boy Scouts of America and on church and other NPO boards.



Ken, and his approach to EOS, has been transformational for our business. I have found that EOS, combined with Ken’s management and executive experience, helps us get better and grow, both personally and professionally. Ken listens and challenges when necessary. Ken allows our executive team to be ourselves, while encouraging the right kind of systematic changes needed to take our business to the next level. If you want to make your business into the best it can be, talk with Ken.

Ben Gates, President, NG Companies

Ken has helped advance our team to an actively engaged team with focus and sense of purpose. His business and life experience provide him with insights that uniquely qualified him to be an EOS Implementer. He guides our team to where we need to go not by providing the answers, but by helping us to find the answers ourselves. He’s masterful in flushing out what we really mean, weeding out unnecessary noise and helping us to simplify things. He is the reason we chose EOS over other systems.

Kevin Hartig, President, ESC Engineering

Implementing EOS requires honesty and a willingness to change. Ken’s experience and professionalism made this change easier and gave us confidence that we were moving in the right direction. As we worked with Ken, he would set goals and guide us to achieve those goals, constantly helping us to build mastery and competence of the EOS Model. His gravitas inspired confidence as a leadership team and his guidance helped us set the bar as a leadership team and make good organizational decisions.

Joseph Sullivan, CEO, Active911

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