EOS Implementer


Sasse, Don

Home Base:
Portland/Vancouver Metro Area, WA 98604
Gillette, Wyoming 82717, United States
Service Area:
Oregon, Washington, Wyoming
About This Implementer

Life should be about balance and taking time to appreciate the journey. When Don’s not exploring the mountains and streams of the Pacific Northwest, he wants to be helping entrepreneurs get the most out of their businesses. With the tools of EOS, the trek into the future is purposeful and clear, so you can spend more time enjoying each new adventure.

Don’s journey into EOS began when a friend called him, frustrated with every aspect of his business. He sent Don to get hands-on training at EOS Worldwide, led by the founder, Gino Wickman, and his partner, Don Tinney. Today, because of EOS, his friend’s business is highly functional, the team has been transformed, and his friend now has time to pursue his dream of flying his very own airplane.

The effort to help one friend work through the struggles of his business, quickly became a pathway for Don to do what he loved most, teaching entrepreneurs. To do this, Don implemented EOS in his own business and literally walked away, leaving the business in the hands of his Leadership Team. He now has the time to pursue his passion. In his own words, “I simply love teaching this system and watching people get it. It never gets old helping them learn, change, and succeed.”


It’s apparent that we really weren’t running a company; it was running us, and all we knew was to be reactive, instead of being proactive. Now it’s exciting to think what might be around the next bend.

Marcyne Efraimson, Prairie Mechatronics

I’ve worked with Don for over 13 years. He helped us transition the leadership team from one generation to the next, at the same time quadrupling revenues during that transition. Using his nature of candid, committed “ownership” and clarity of thinking, he continually pushed us toward being our best.

Leigh Tapani, Tapani Inc.

The combination of Don’s business mastery and uncommon personal commitment will quickly have your organization on a path to profitability, growth and sustainability

Andrew Bell, Trademark Plumbing

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