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Roth, Mike

Home Base:
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Service Area:
Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota (willing to travel)
About This Implementer

“Spend your time wisely” is Mike Roth’s motto. He instills the philosophy in his own life and inspires everyone he serves to do the same. It’s what drove Mike to earn his accounting degree from St. John’s University and launch his career as a CPA. Along the way, he has helped countless clients grow their privately-held businesses, and was critical in growing a family business from $35 million to surpass $100 million in revenue.

During his 40-year career, Roth has learned every angle of business, including leadership, finance, marketing, sales, operations, and customer support. He combines that experience with a constant pursuit of new information from industry experts, including Gino Wickman and his EOS book “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business”.

“EOS gives the clarity, accountability, and discipline to manage more effectively and efficiently,” Roth says. It has spurred his decision to dedicate the rest of his career to pursue his EOS passion to help business owners flourish.

As a Certified EOS Implementer, Mike coaches entrepreneurial leadership teams and business owners. He helps organizations implement EOS to set, attain, and surpass their business goals while experiencing joy within the journey.

Roth’s clients regard him as visionary, pragmatic, and a catalyst for change. According to Mike, “When I can guide entrepreneurial leaders to execute their visions and build better team cultures through EOS, it’s the most fulfilling experience I can imagine.”

Let Mike Roth Traction Consulting help you take more time out of your business and put it back into your life.

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The EOS process coupled with Mike’s business acumen has really helped our leadership team to quickly create a clear vision for our company and focus on the most important issues in our business. Before working with Mike, we felt like we were working hard but not making any much progress. Now we have the right structure and a plan to achieve our goals.

Steve McClintick, FlexMation, Inc

Brenny Transportation, Inc. hired Mike Roth to help our company get on the right growth track. Mike brought vision and detail to our strategic plan. With Mike’s direction we were able to organize our leadership meetings and develop a format that fit with our culture. I recommend Mr. Roth for companies who feel stalled with their growth. Mike is great at calling out excuses and will drill down on issues until a solution is discovered! He was the catalyst our company needed to move ahead!

Joyce Sauer Brenny, Brenny Transportation, Inc

We had been self-implementing EOS for two years but felt like we just weren’t getting the most out of it. We brought in Mike and he walked through everything we were doing, explained to us what “EOS Pure” looked like, and really helped us get rolling. We are more excited than ever about how EOS helps us make our good company great!

Bob Leighton, Leighton Enterprises

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