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Rose, Dan

Home Base:
Avon Lake, OH 44012
Service Area:
Ohio and Central Florida
About This Implementer
Dan’s business experience began decades ago, at the age of 9. He owned a paper route in his neighborhood in Bloomington, Indiana. For 3 years, he delivered newspapers to 52 customers every day, collected their money each week, paid his employer, and kept the profit.
Through his daily interactions with customers, Dan learned a major lesson that has stuck with him to this day. The lesson: Be dependable, be polite and your customers will stick with you and might even tip you at the holidays!
Dan started his first true business a few years out of college. His business was a communications firm that embraced digital marketing before that industry became red hot. Dan and his partner grew the company from 2 to 140 employees in 7 years, and sold it at the height of the Dot-com era. With the successful sale of his company, Dan was feeling sky high.
However, just 18 months later, he experienced one of the lowest moments of his business career. Dan was fired by the Private Equity firm that bought his company as part of their cost cutting.
A year later, Dan bought that firm back, sold it again and continued to build, operate and sell 4 different companies over 30 years, creating more than 400 jobs.
Dan has seen just about every operational, sales, marketing, financial and personnel issue a small business can face, and was fortunate to receive a variety of recognitions, including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
He currently teaches at Ohio State University, is an Angel investor and Board member for many entrepreneurs.
Dan’s passion remains experience sharing and mentoring. When he discovered EOS, he realized THIS was the organized, extensive and simple tool kit he wanted to fully adopt to share with others and incorporate his own experiences into the lessons shared.
He loves helping companies find their vision, gain their traction and become the healthiest version they can be while realizing sustainable growth and having fun


Dan Rose has been instrumental helping Gravitas implement EOS, which has allowed us to recognize EBIT growth exceeding 250% over the last year. Dan has decades of experience and is keenly adept at listening to make sure all voices are heard as well as soliciting input from stakeholders in the company. Dan’s steady hand helped our team move its base of operations from California to Ohio with better communication across the organization and a renewed focus on identifying and achieving our goals.

Nolan GallagherGravitas Ventures

From a management perspective, we were having growing pains. We turned to EOS and hired Dan to implement the EOS Operating System into our company. After going through our first six months, I can honestly say that nothing has had a bigger impact on me as a businessman. With Dan’s help, this has literally become the greatest tool I can leave the company and my family.

Mike Schott,, Onslow Stoneworks
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