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Roberts, Gene

Home Base:
Cleveland, OH 44131
Service Area:
From Toledo to Erie to Columbus and the surrounding region...willing to travel
About This Implementer

Gene Roberts is an Entrepreneurial Business Owner with a focus on achieving Real. Simple. Results.

At age 23, Gene started a company that in 7 short years was acquired by a publicly held company (NYSE:CBZ). He went on to lead this division for the next 6 years before exiting the company to pursue other interests.
Gene was one of the first 20 members of the Cleveland Chapter of EO (then YEO) where he was exposed to entrepreneurial visionaries such as Verne Harnish, Jim Collins, and Michael Gerber. The foundational tools and concepts he learned as an EO member are what he contributes his success to as a business leader, coach and mentor. While serving on the board of EO Cleveland, Gene lead the Accelerator program helping young Entrepreneurs grow their business and align their vision. Many of the business owners he mentored went on to qualify for EO and establish great companies. This is where he discovered his passion for the great game of business, while helping his entrepreneurial colleagues “Grow. Smart.™”
As a Professional EOS Implementer, Gene focuses on helping entrepreneurial business owners and their leadership teams clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. With the EOS process, success is guaranteed. EOS Implementers help leaders focus on these three simple concepts:
• Vision – helping get everyone on the same page in regards to the Vision of the organization.
• Traction –achieving better results by helping you execute better, become more disciplined and accountable to one another.
• Healthy – helping you become a more functional and cohesive team.
Gene now spends 100% of his time helping leaders Grow. Smart.™ and becoming the best EOS Implementer he can possibly be.


The EOS System is incredible. We’ve gone from working hard to working smart. Since implementing EOS with Gene, we’ve learned to measure what matters because what get’s measured gets done. We all share the same Vision for the company. We have more Traction than ever before and are accountable to one another. Our company is Healthy with a cohesive and collaborative leadership team. Read Traction and call Gene. He certainly helped us Grow. Smart.

Christina Smith, RME, Inc.

Before learning about Gene and the EOS, we were working hard – but not smart. We had no idea if we were winning or losing, and our best players were simply burned out. Gene helped us focus on the six key components of our business, clarify roles and accountability, and compartmentalize our rocks and goals. Since implementing EOS, we are a clear on our vision and perfectly aligned with our goals and responsibilities. We have grown both revenues and profits with the highest customer sat ever.

James Hall, GC Manufacturing


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