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Ritterspach, Ken

Home Base:
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 55437
Service Area:
Minnesota and Palm Springs, CA
About This Implementer

Ken knows from experience that running a business is a source of both great satisfaction and frustrating challenges. Over a span of more than 35 years, he has been the president or CEO of six companies plus one of his own that he founded, built and sold successfully. Those companies included two manufacturers, a television production company, and a promotional marketing firm with Apple as an account. Other consulting clients have included General Mills, Toro, and Saudi Aramco. He also was a speaker and facilitator for Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Ken now couples the power of EOS with his leadership experience and expertise to help other entrepreneurial leaders achieve everything they want from their business.

As a Certified EOS Implementer, Ken assesses situations quickly, facilitates difficult conversations, and coaches teams to make better and faster decisions. EOS is based on fundamental principles and common sense. Common sense, however, is not always common practice; knowing and doing are not the same thing. Ken helps clients with the “doing:” holding each other accountable, being disciplined and honest with each other, and not ducking the important issues.

The principles and tools of EOS are not easy to implement on your own. Every world-class athlete and entertainer has a coach. The best business leaders do as well. In his EOS role as a coach, Ken brings a fresh set of eyes and also a mirror – to help you see where you are and how you might get better.

Ken lives in a suburb of Minneapolis. He and his wife Jan have three grown children.


Ken’s experience and business acumen shows up right away. He is a great advisor to our strategic planning team and a first-rate facilitator. He “gets it” quickly, has earned the trust of our executive team, and knows how best to guide us through the difficult conversations.

Tim Keran, Western Graphics

Ken has helped us focus on the elephant in the room. And to figure out how to be open and honest; to really bring up the tough conversations. And in a nice, respectful way. It’s not easy when there are strong emotions that build up in any business. There’s a cost to self-implementing. We started on our own. I thought we had the benefit of Traction, but I found out that we weren’t doing it right. It cost us more money to self implement than if we’d used Ken right away.

David Crary, HindSite Software

Ken’s experience and enthusiasm helped us navigate difficult topics and set a course for action. We saw first-hand the positive impact EOS can have in the way we ran our business. Ken quickly earned the trust of our executive team, and his approach made it easy for all team members to participate. I am glad we found Ken and appreciated his smart and candid approach to helping us understand our opportunities and our weaknesses.

Neal Johnson, Sr., Shutterfly Inc.

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