EOS Implementer


Richardson, Alan

Home Base:
Des Moines, IA 50003
Service Area:
Iowa and contiguous states, Arkansas, Oklahoma
About This Implementer

Alan believes that local businesses and organizations are important to their communities, customers, suppliers, employees and owners. Therefore, Alan is passionate about helping business owners and organizational leaders get everything they want from their organizations. To do that, Alan helps organizational leaders implement EOS/Traction, and if necessary a comprehensive continuity and succession planning process.

During the past eight years, as a Certified Professional EOS Implementer, Alan has helped many businesses and a few non-profit organizations understand their vision, get traction on implementing their vision and become healthier leadership teams.

Alan enjoys the diversity of his clients, including: automotive dealerships, churches, construction companies, farmers, financial planners, general contractors, investment managers, land developers, manufacturers, software providers, YMCA and others. Some of Alan’s clients are local, some are across the U.S., and some are virtual – meaning they don’t have a home office or home city. Therefore, Alan has implemented EOS/Traction in person and via technology.

Although Alan enjoys seeing organizations improve as a result of implementing EOS/Traction, Alan is most satisfied when he can see the improvement in the lives of the teams he works with. Numerous times after a client has “graduated” and no longer needs Alan, the spouse of one of the leaders will tell him how it has improved the life (not just work life) of one of the leaders. One spouse once told Alan “you have given me my husband back.” This is why Alan is an EOS Implementer.

If you would like to visit with Alan about your situation, please call him at 515-554-7855.


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