EOS Implementer


Reilly-Magee, Mary

Home Base:
San Antonio, TX 78254, United States
Service Area:
Texas, Oklahoma, California--willing to travel for the right clients
About This Implementer

As a bit of a goofy kid, I took advantage of a multitude of opportunities to “do business” with people. The funniest one was selling pictures of Charlie’s Angels and smears of flavored lip gloss to the boys in my fourth-grade class. They used to eat the lip gloss off the back of their hands. Gross, right?

I grew up to be a 10th grade English teacher and high school swimming and water polo coach. But the call of business was strong in me, and soon I found myself building a learn to swim business from scratch, growing it to three stand-alone, indoor, year-round locations employing 100 people at its peak. I sold that business in 2018 after 20 years.

For seven years, as I grew my business, I self-implemented a largely academic business scaling system that, though somewhat effective, left me exhausted and frustrated as I tried to drag my leadership team through the process.

Enter Traction, the Entrepreneurial Operating System and my beloved Implementer. Simple, practical tools and a complete proven system that would be migrated down throughout my organization by my LEADERSHIP TEAM (!) who had achieved mastery of the tools along with this Visionary leader. Hurray!

I fell in love with Traction. The very thing that turns me on as a teacher and a coach, excites me as an EOS Implementer. I love possibility! I love potential! I love progress!

Getting traction in your business, with your leadership team focused and aligned, and seeing your entire organization work toward your vision every single day, HOLY COW! That’s what it’s all about!

If you are a passionate entrepreneur who needs help getting vision, traction and healthy in your organization in order to live a better life, I’m your Implementer. Feel free to call me at 210-381-9174.


It has been such an honor and privilege to know you. You are truly an inspiration and an anchor for me.

Kay Scoggins, Clinical Trials of Texas
It’s a pleasure and honor to have you in my life. Thank you for your kind advice and support. You were born to inspire and help the world.
            Juan Carlos Almanza, Almanza Business Group
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