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Pruitt, Dustin

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Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas
About This Implementer

Any business leader who finds him/herself in the midst of a struggle inevitably takes a long, hard look in the mirror forcing into question whether or not they have what it takes to run the business – or worse, if they might be the thing holding the organization back.

Dusty found EOS while wrestling with exactly that question as he struggled to lead his organization through a difficult turnaround. Becoming convinced EOS was the best path forward for the business, Dusty hired an EOS Implementer to guide his leadership team through the process. The results were incredible. The organization nearly doubled revenue in twelve months while resolving core profit and cash flow issues. The company’s leaders got very adept at solving issues as they arose. Most importantly, there was finally a plan for the future of the business and a team that was aligned to – and excited about – it.

Dusty saw the profound simplicity and effectiveness of EOS for running an entrepreneurial business. Over the years, he has become a disciple of the process and now works full-time with entrepreneurial organizations as a Professional EOS Implementer. Dusty resides Fayetteville, Arkansas and works in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas.

In working with Dusty, you can expect:

  1. A Teacher at Heart: Dusty has over a decade of teaching, business coaching and facilitation experience. He finds the most joy when he sees clients really start to ‘get it’ and they begin to take ownership of the process themselves.
  2. To Go Where the Issues Are: You will uncover a number of underlying issues in your business that need to be dealt with. Dusty will not gloss over them – like all issues in your business, Dusty will push you to deal them quickly and make them go away forever.
  3. Fun and Engaging Facilitation: The EOS journey is a lot of work – but it is also a lot of fun. You can expect sessions that are productive, engaging, interesting and fun.


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