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Peterson, Bill

Home Base:
Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587, United States
Service Area:
United States, Canada & International
About This Implementer

Bill’s passion is making a difference in the lives of others each day. He focuses his energy and enthusiasm to help business owners and leadership teams build exceptional businesses and live their best lives possible for a greater purpose. Since his competitive days in sports, and throughout his career he has held a firm belief in the power of vision, execution and teamwork with the goal of developing people and capabilities to reach extraordinary individual and team contributions.

As an experienced entrepreneur, mentor and coach with over 25 years strategic growth, turnaround and leadership experience in several industries, Bill has a successful track record of delivering business value, driving results and building healthy teams. He has held leadership roles for early stage, small-size and mid-size entrepreneurial businesses to established companies with $100M+ in revenue. Bill has also been an investor and operating partner in three companies, two of which had successful events.

After years of attending conferences and reading books on building great businesses, he was introduced to the audiobook “Traction”. So impressed by the simple and proven system and how it aligned with his calling, he decided to become a Professional EOS Implementer and create Mission Traction. Today, Mission Traction is a movement that exists to encourage, equip and guide business owners and leadership teams on the EOS journey to catalyze growth, deliver organization excellence and create legacy impact for God’s glory.

Bill’s energy is contagious. Whether in an EOS session or rolling up his sleeves in a workshop, he inspires, challenges and empowers leaders to transform their business to impact employees, families and communities in a meaningful way. He guides teams and individuals to envision a dream, create high trust and lead them in a course of action throughout the journey. Bill operates with a spirit of service, gratitude, and encouragement. Contact #: 919.710.2476.

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