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Perkins, Erik

Home Base:
Detroit Metro, MI 48321
Service Area:
Michigan, Florida, Atlanta, willing to travel
About This Implementer

As a business owner, Erik has spent much of his time as an Integrator, successfully growing (and eventually selling) two companies. The first company, Image One Corporation, is heavily referenced in Traction, by Gino Wickman. In the second company, a start-up, Erik was President. This company is now owned by Accenture. Both of these organizations were transformed into thriving organizations by running EOS, resulting in acquisitions by multi-billion dollar public companies at dramatic multiples.

Here are Erik’s uniques as a Certified EOS Implementer:

1. Clients: Erik only works with clients who have a profile that is the “right fit” to successfully bring EOS to their companies. Maintaining this core focus helps him live EOS as an Implementer. Erik works with leaders and leadership teams who are: Real, Authentic, Facing Challenges, and want to be their Best.

2. EOS Innovator: For more than a decade, Erik has been personally coached and trained from EOS’s Creator and Visionary, Gino Wickman, and Integrator, Don Tinney. The fundamentals are now part of his business DNA.

3. EOS Life: EOS helped Erik build, operate and sell 2 companies. He’s lived over 25,000 hours of the EOS life – which incorporates doing what he loves and working with people that really want Vision, Traction and Health. Erik now devotes 100% of his time to personal clients; to help them find and live their EOS life.

Erik’s career began as an entrepreneur, with his family’s Detroit-based small business. Erik polished up his professional skills as a middle market advisor across a wide range of industries with Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and KPMG.

Erik lives in Grand Blanc, Michigan with his wife Sara and our two children. And dogs..Lots of dogs. Though he personally recommends a strict 2-dog limit, he’s often overruled. Which is OK, because life is about priorities.


… Erik is not only extremely intelligent and professional, but very personable and someone we can truly open up to. …I didn’t want a career coach, I wanted someone that has been in my shoes and understands the trials/tribulations that all execs go through. At our recent Board meeting the feedback was, “This is the best we have ever seen the team, you guys have a sense of clarity and focus that we have never seen before”, which I attribute largely to Erik and the EOS process.

Hyaat Chaudhary, Carbon Media Group

Erik has lived through the challenges of transforming organizations through his own experiences and this really comes through in his approach. He is incredibly pragmatic, resourceful, and will go out of his way to make sure everyone is on the same page. Having assessed several coaches and consultants before deciding to work with Erik, it became very clear that Erik is someone who “gets it”…Erik has been a true partner in every sense helping us achieve our goals every step along the way.

Guillermo Younger, Jr., Cinema Equipment & Supplies

… Erik’s real-life experiences have helped us work through the development of the company’s vision, goals, improve daily focus, and most importantly – traction. He has a great ability to understand our challenges and help guide us using the EOS process. Erik has become a valued partner to our exec team and we look forward to his guidance to help us achieve our company’s goals. We would recommend Erik and the EOS process to any business that wants to immediately improve!

Dave Boissonneault & Hunter Coe, Coe Press Equipment

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