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Peffly, Shea

Home Base:
Wildwood, MO 63005, United States
Memphis, TN 38138, United States
Service Area:
Greater St. Louis Area
About This Implementer

Growing up in a structured military household as the daughter of a Marine, Shea learned early on the deep-rooted values of working hard and earning the trust and respect of others. These disciplines progressed Shea’s growth both personally and professionally resulting in career advancement from senior operations to executive leadership positions running multi-million-dollar companies. As a prior leader of executive teams and collecting over 26 years of entrepreneurial experiences, Shea understands the challenges and obstacles leaders encounter; she has sat in your seat.

Shea discovered EOS in 2016 and upon hiring an Implementer, was accountable for re-teaching the tools and disciplines as the Integrator of her prior company. As EOS delivered a tremendous game changing platform, Shea experienced first-hand VISION, TRACTION, HEALTHY as the shift occurred in her entrepreneurial company. As results were significant, the outcome inspired alignment with her executive leadership team creating healthy culture and prominent culmination. It was this traction that ignited Shea’s desire to contribute on a larger scale helping other entrepreneurial businesses experience this wonderful menagerie of gifts.

After being a client of an EOS Implementer and having successfully implemented EOS herself, Shea transitioned from her executive role and enjoys her work helping businesses as a full-time Professional EOS Implementer. Currently running her own business on EOS and sharing her real-life experiences, Shea devotes her time and energy helping entrepreneurial leaders have the tough conversations so they can get more of what they want from their businesses.



We adopted the EOS structure and Shea was the main influence for adoption. She believed in the concepts within EOS and inspired the entire company to understand and want to achieve the goals as a result. I would recommend Shea as a person who will take any organization to a much greater level. Any organization should be beating down her door to have her implement EOS for their team!!

L.Miller, VCC

Shea is a strong person with great empathy toward the people working with her and the customers. She has impressive listening ability and unbiased proficiency…….Thinking about Shea’s pragmatic approach, a sentence by Lori Greiner, inventor, qvc host and ‘shark tank’ investor, pops in my mind: “Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist — while you guys were busy arguing about the glass of wine, I drank it! ”

A.Fossemo, BU & Sales

When working with Shea, I found her to be exceptionally talented…. Her positive, effervescent personality was a motivator and joy to engage. Whether it was legal, financial or technology issues, her “lead by example” technique made the difference. With a diverse skill set…… Shea would be an asset to help any executive team.

D. McMahon, MTI, LLC

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