EOS Implementer


Patchin, Scott

Home Base:
Holland / Grand Rapids / Lakeshore, Michigan 49424
Service Area:
Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, willing to travel
About This Implementer

Scott Patchin didn’t always realize he was an entrepreneur. He began his career in large companies, honing his skills as a facilitator, teacher, and coach. After experiencing growth from the perspective of a manager, he decided to find a smaller organization where he could lead the change and growth.

He joined the leadership team of a high-growth entrepreneurial organization to lead their expansion plans. Scott successfully opened two new sales offices, helped the organization define its first set of values, and launched a weekly meeting and annual planning for the leadership team. Working directly for the founding entrepreneurs, he was hooked by the energy and passion of entrepreneurial companies, and the impact a leader can have on the people and the business each day. He also learned the energy it takes to successfully hit large goals when the leadership team is not 100% on the same page with vision and strategy— and how much easier it becomes when they are. When it was time to choose his next path, he knew it had to be an entrepreneurial one. Scott started his own firm in 2009, leveraging his leadership experience and partnering with growth-minded organizations to develop their leadership teams, strategy, and teamwork to successfully execute the strategy. The irony: in the beginning he did not use EOS. It was only after a client asked for help to implement EOS that he discovered what Gino and Don had created. After doing some of the same work in what he would call “the hard way,” he was sold on the power and simplicity of EOS. It has become the heart of the service he provides to growth-minded companies.

Scott is a Michigan native, living there with his wife and four children. He is also a twice-published author and active blogger around people-centered leadership and EOS.¬


Scott has been a key partner to Worksighted and has helped our team implement and master EOS. His knowledge of EOS and his passion for working with growing, entrepreneurial companies, has been a great combination and a perfect fit for us. Scott’s facilitation has made the process fun, engaging, and honest. He is 100% responsible for our ability to rapidly implement EOS and embrace it company-wide.

Mike Harris / Mat Nguyen (Founders), Worksighted

I have done many strategic plans in my career, and the EOS® process is the best I have experienced because it helped our leadership team develop the Traction to effectively execute on our plans. As a facilitator, Scott’s leadership of our planning session was off the charts effective. A unique benefit of working with Scott is that he teaches while he facilitates, and I actually learned to be a more effective leader/facilitate more by watching him work.

Pat LeBlanc, EBW Electronics