EOS Implementer


Palmer-Smith, Richard

Home Base:
Boulder/Denver, CO 80304
Service Area:
Denver and Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, west to Summit County), travel ok
About This Implementer

Richard has owned his own business all his life.

He started his first company, a residential window cleaning service, at sixteen years old. It is where he had his first employees and learned the basics of business ownership. The profits from that company, coupled with scholarships, paid for 100% of Richard’s college education.

During college, Richard started his second business, a construction company. He grew that business out of the back of his little red Chevy pickup truck to one where he was leading teams of up to 40 workers doing interior woodworking on multi-million dollar homes on the Front Range of Colorado.

He made many of the mistakes of business ownership and learned the lessons that can only come from experience. Most importantly he learned to work with passionate, headstrong people and developed the ability for having the critical conversations that drive both projects and people along.

Since exiting his company in 2011, Richard has worked with organizations of all sizes and resonates with teams who are committed to getting better and want accountability at all levels.



Hiring Richard and adopting EOS has been the single most transformative change to our business in nearly 15 years of operation. It’s given us incredible clarity, alignment, accountability, measurability, and a systematic approach Under Richard’s guidance, we’ve built a real leadership team where everyone is owns their responsibility and is accountable. We have stopped shifting priorities and everyone is rowing in the same direction. I can’t recommend Richard highly enough!

Dew Ungvarsky, CEO, Grow Inc.

Richard does not mess around and I continue to be enthusiastic about Traction and him as our implementer! He brings a level of energy to each meeting and treats my team like we are the most important thing to him. He quickly built trust and rapport with my leadership team and has a rare ability to cut through all of the emotions and egos and drive us to make confident decisions on tough issues. As a result, we have made real progress on things that we have been struggling with for years!

Eddie O’Leary, CEO, CoLab, Inc.

I finally have freedom! Using EOS has taken my company from a system of ‘go ask the owner’ to having a unified team with a proven method for solving problems that works. Working with Richard is fun! He has a great talent for listening and understanding the team and then challenging them so that they get stuff done. Now our entire team is excited and passionate about the direction of the company. If you don’t have a good system for your business then call Richard and give EOS a try.

Devon Tilly, CEO, Mountain View Window and Door

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