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O'Driscoll, Sean

Home Base:
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419, United States
Service Area:
Within 100 miles of the Twin Cities. Willing to travel throughout the USA and to Europe, particularl
About This Implementer

Sean started his career in the corporate world. He later moved to the entrepreneurial world and found his sweet spot. As part of the leadership team in five different entrepreneurial ventures Sean has experienced the highs and lows of growing companies with limited resources.

In 2009, Sean was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) when he read Traction by Gino Wickman. He immediately recognized its value in an entrepreneurial company and set about implementing it. Sean subsequently introduced EOS in another company and became such a believer in the system that he trained as an EOS Implementer.

Since then, in 5+ years of implementing EOS Sean has helped over 40 companies implement EOS and realize the benefits of VISION, TRACTION, HEALTHY and the freedom they can provide. He continues to hone and refine his craft on his journey to EOS mastery. He brings a unique perspective with an appreciation of implementation from both the client and the implementer viewpoints.

In addition to being a Certified EOS Implementer, Sean is an engaging speaker. He provides results-oriented, value-packed keynotes and workshops that help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams deliver results and get what they want from their business.

In 2016 Sean joined the EOS Worldwide Coaching team, which coaches and mentors new and Professional EOS Implementers.

Sean lives in Minneapolis with his wife Trish and their two sons.


I credit Sean with facilitating us to be more confident, achieving greater and more relevant goals, working better as a team, and moving our company to a stronger position. Our growth rate has nearly doubled. We are just beginning to launch a new service that will raise our growth rate even higher. We would not likely have achieved this without Sean’s coaching and facilitation of our quarterly and annual meetings.

Patrick Busch, Len Busch Roses

Sean is our EOS ninja. I frequently come into our Quarterly meetings with a messy head, too many things I want to get done, and issues that seem impossible to tackle. Sean works his magic, masterfully helping us all refocus, get clarity and leave with a plan that gets us back on track. I leave our sessions with clarity, amazed, excited for the next quarter and appreciative to have him on our team.

Ben Cowan, 360 WOW Inc.

With great skill, compassion, tenacity, much laughter, and a few tears, Sean has coached our leadership team to achieve breakthrough results for our company. Our leadership team, managers, supervisors, and 275 employees are now working more than ever as one team to achieve the same clear objectives. Growth and profits are up. Employee turnover is down. We have renewed hope and excitement for the future. Thank you, Sean and EOS!

Glen Posladek, A.B. May Company

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