EOS Implementer


O'Donnell, Hank

Home Base:
Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania 19034, United States
Service Area:
Greater Philadelphia Region
About This Implementer

As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, Hank really “gets” the struggles and joys of creating a truly great company. Over his 23 year CEO career, Hank “walked the talk” – successfully growing and selling two profitable businesses. And, as a 14 year award-winning Vistage CEO Peer Group Chair and Leadership Team Coach, Hank walked alongside over 75 CEOs and Key Executives as they identified and achieved their desired results, such as:

  •  Attain healthy sales & profit growth
  • Create a robust exit strategies for ownership
  • Reinvent tired business models
  • Transition family business leadership
  • Develop high performing leadership teams
  • Achieve lifestyles of balance and fulfillment
  • Develop positive cultures of accountability and achievement

For Hank, Business Leadership is a noble calling when focused upon enhancing the lives of owners, employees, and customers. Hank is about making things better and more positive. He is all about using proven business tools to get great results. No theory. Hank seeks to help those who dare to create companies of purpose and contribution – and having fun along the way! Hank’s cell phone: 215-593-7235



Hank does much more than “facilitate” our Senior Management EOS sessions, he “fosters” alignment, trust and creativity among the team. Hank knows how to facilitate a productive all day meeting by knowing when to foster the group’s creativity and when to get us back on track. Hank has a way of making a highly productive meeting seem effortless and enjoyable. Our business has benefited significantly from his leadership and EOS.

Bill Mignucci, / DiBruno Brothers

EOS really gives you a proven, templated approach and an exact way to run your company better. I’d say one of the biggest impacts we’ve felt from traction EOS and specifically with Hank O’Donnell as our EOS Implementer is the way our meetings are run. The effectiveness of our meetings has greatly improved and with that comes the increased accountability of each member and the participation in a meeting.

Chris Miles, Miles Technologies

In an upbeat, positive manner Hank is able to get the team to cut directly to the issue, solve it, and move on. Our meetings went from “a lot of noise” to incredibly productive and a team who had clarity in what it needed to accomplish.

Steve Dabrow, Chelten House Products

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