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Niewald, Debra

Home Base:
Kansas City, MO 64110
Service Area:
Midwest, Arizona. May travel for referred clients.
About This Implementer

An entrepreneur and business owner with over 30 years experience, Debra has lived the accelerating energy of architecting a compelling vision and gaining momentum for that vision—while simultaneously struggling to achieve traction for that vision—a struggle every entrepreneur knows too well.

Debra’s clients know that this struggle, however, doesn’t have to be the norm.

Armed with a comprehensive and practical set of tools, broad experience across diverse industries, deep knowledge of interpersonal dynamics, and an uncanny ability to get to the heart of issues that hold teams back—Debra devotes her abundant energy to developing and inspiring teams to achieve more than they thought possible.

Debra’s clients are gaining greater traction and freedom for a few reasons: Each team is 100% on the same page with the vision • Right People are in the Right Seats • The business is clear on the metrics and measurables that drive the business • The team is consistently solving issues and identifying opportunities • The core processes that make the business go round are documented and followed by all members of the team • The team is consistently re-energized and committed to achieving the vision, while having more fun in the process.

Debra has worked with leadership teams within multiple industries, including: Distribution • Retail • Manufacturing • Technology • Healthcare • Construction • Financial • Insurance • Family Businesses and • Start-ups. She is a Certified EOS Implementer, Certified Kolbe Consultant, Certified DISC Analyst and Certified Somatic Coach. Debra also speaks and conducts EOS workshops throughout the country.

To start a powerful conversation, contact Debra at 913.800.4000 or click the Contact link above.



Debra builds teams. She brings particularly deep insights into the emotional dynamics of people and their relationships and has an uncanny ability to get to heart of those issues that hold teams back, providing them a roadmap to greater functionality, accountability and success. Her approach is flexible, adaptive, and principle-centered, not dogmatic or formulaic. We highly recommend her to executives and teams that want to bring both vision and traction to their organizations and work.

Drex Davis, Scrapbook.com

If you’re looking for someone who can help drive massive change in your organization (or just looking to improve), Debra takes a no-nonsense approach, working hard with leadership teams to deliver – not just sit around and talk about “how great things would be if…” Debra is insightful, calls them like she sees them, and isn’t afraid to tell company owners where to check their egos and bad habits. Debra and EOS are a powerful team. We recommend her to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Tim Bruce and Aaron West, RFBenchmark Construction

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