EOS Implementer


Neuhoff, Clark

Home Base:
Gurnee, Illinois 60031, United States
Service Area:
Greater Chicago, IL, WI, St. Louis, N&S Carolina
About This Implementer

“My role as a Certified EOS Implementer is to guide my clients through the EOS Process and strengthen all 6 Key Components of their business acting as Teacher, Facilitator and Coach: Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox. Facilitating various exercises to pull all the right answers out of the leaders and get to resolution. Coaching to make sure each leader achieves understanding and mastery of the tools and the system, while holding the team accountable to do what they say they will do. My job is to create freedom and independence. I truly believe that if I teach you how to fish you will never be hungry again.”

Clark began his career growing and managing businesses ranging from $18M to $800M in revenue. Working in both B2C and B2B industries, he launched over 50 new products, integrated three mergers/acquisitions and he saw first-hand the challenges of running all aspects of a business. By leading and managing teams across these different organizations and functions, he also learned that results all come down to focus, execution, communication and accountability.

In 2003 Clark started his own business, The Sextant Company so that he could fulfill his passion to bring the best tools and processes to entrepreneurial organizations so they can achieve their vision. Since then he has worked with over 40 companies in both manufacturing, professional services and retail to do just that.


Clark and the EOS program have completely changed our company culture, our focus and have given us new energy around business change. The whole company has become part of the new evolution and it’s no longer a top-down endeavor. We have no idea how far it will take us, but we fully expect it will be a dramatic journey.

Eric Masi, Torque Launch

We made a go at implementing EOS on our own with less than satisfactory results. Since working with Clark we have been posting record results and our team has gelled as never before and morale is sky high! My wife can’t believe that I’m working shorter days yet accomplishing much more than I did pre-EOS. Working with Clark has proven to be a great move.

Jason Surber, ATF

The EOS process has been very important to us over the past year as we have taken a hard look at how move our company forward – we are gaining “traction”! Many companies have fairly clear vision statements and values, but the real benefit of EOS to me is that it provides a system to translate values and accountability throughout the organization – we are creating an “H-O-H way” with the help of EOS and Clark. Clark has been particularly helpful in getting and keeping us focused – we appreciate his help.

Tom Hutchinson, H-O-H Water Technology

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