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Neth, Damon

Home Base:
Austin, TX 78739
Service Area:
Austin & Central Texas
About This Implementer

Damon is an experienced entrepreneur, mentor and coach having helped hundreds of small-to-medium sized companies achieve outstanding results for over 20 years. Having founded 5 companies himself, Damon understands all-too-well the joys of running a successful company and the pains of working endlessly to make companies healthy while being whipsawed by changing markets. In 2002, Damon and his wife Stacey co-founded Disc Nation, which they led together for 12 years, teaching Damon much about the challenges of establishing work/life balance and the “organizational dynamics” of a family business.

In 2014 Damon founded CXO Service Co, helping companies through interim executive leadership. It was during this time that Damon, occupying executive roles at several companies simultaneously, discovered EOS. Damon quickly noticed that his clients using EOS were better run, more harmonious and aligned, and were achieve superior results. This experience drove Damon to become a Professional EOS Implementer so that he could help other companies become outstanding using these tools.

Aside from EOS, Damon is passionate to helping people, especially entrepreneurs and company leadership teams, grow, learn and change. This is demonstrated by the numerous companies Damon has mentored through volunteer programs, including EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) Accelerator and SKU, the nation’s foremost consumer products accelerator. Damon is also a long-term member of EO in Austin, TX.

Business leaders looking for help developing and sharing their vision, looking to establish or increase accountability and quality throughput in their organizations, and/or looking to create healthy, happy and sane working environments for their teams should contact Damon by e-mail or phone at 512-769-9602.

Damon lives in Austin, TX with his wife Stacey and their children, Spencer and Marley, where he works to help organizations become excellent and gain true “Traction”.


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