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McLean, Neil

Home Base:
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277
Service Area:
Charlotte, NC area plus South Carolina and Augusta, GA
About This Implementer

Neil McLean is CEO for Sagacious Partners. He began his career as a high school football coach and that’s where he discovered his passion for bringing out the best in others. This passion for growing teams followed him through stints as a US Air Force Officer, as a partner for an internet startup that he grew from 8 to 45 employees, and again in 2001 when he formed his current company.

Neil’s firm is a Carolina’s based executive coaching firm dedicated to helping companies grow. McLean is a former Vistage CEO Chair and now spends all of his energy as a Certified EOS Implementer. Neil has coached more than 50 CEOS and entrepreneurial teams… large and small. He has worked with many industries including manufacturing, IT, real estate, insurance, medical, and construction. He loves working with contractors, family, and women owned businesses and is currently helping more than 20 CEO’s, owners and their leadership teams gain traction and breakthrough results in their businesses.

McLean received his BS Civil Engineering and MBA from the University of SC. Call him directly at 803.546.9223


EOS was immediately attractive to the owners and managers of Rhythmlink because it creates a simple, powerful and scalable system to align all the departments within our company and focus on our core business. In some form or fashion, we were probably already doing many of the ideas and techniques in EOS but the brilliance of EOS is that it pulls it all together in a way that everyone in the company can use. All of our departments now operate in the same way and all of our employees know exactly.

Shawn Regan, CEO, Rhythmlink

When we sought out EOS, we were not growing at a pace we were happy with and were not communicating well as a team. We felt confident that EOS would help us simplify and clarify our vision and give us the systems to accomplish our goals – and it has. During sessions, Neil kept us on track and did not allow us to wander too far off focus. It’s not just a theory: we were given tools to use on a weekly basis, making it easy to implement, and everyone in the company appreciates knowing what the lead.

Lucinda Brasington, VP Operations, ERA Wilder Realty

I read Traction and knew EOS would be a gamechanger. My experience with Neil as my Vistage group Chair led me to believe he would be a great EOS Implementer, and I was right. Neil understands the personalities of those involved in the process and is one to establish and retain relationships for the long haul. As for EOS: it’s not theoretical, it’s practical. It’s directly applicable to Swampfox’s way of doing business. Since beginning EOS, we have solved too many problems to list by getting a gr

Bob Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Swampfox Technologies, Swampfox

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