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McDougal, Randy

Home Base:
Houston, Texas 77845
Service Area:
Texas, willing to travel
About This Implementer

Randy has been helping businesses improve profitability, function effectively as a team, and solve issues for over 20 years.

Randy started his first business in high school when he realized he made “way more in less time” washing windows than the job at Chick-Fil-A, especially once he figured out how to quote jobs and pick the right customers.

A decade later, while bootstrapping a graphic design and printing company to $3 million and 4 locations, Randy faced the business realities of personnel problems (including a real life fire), making payroll when all the bank accounts were empty, the ins and outs of a business partner, and, ultimately, being acquired by a national company.

From 2005-2018, Randy was co-founder of a group that started companies in 7 industries, including the company selected to redevelop the Astrodome for $500 million (there’s a lot more to that story…).

Randy now helps business owners and leaders implement EOS to get what they want from their business.

Randy is bilingual (English and Spanish).



Randy, thank you for all of your help. EOS has made a huge difference for our company. Being able to discover and verbalize our values and apply them to the actual operations of our business has really made a huge change in our business. Being able to make sure that the right people are in the right seats has made a huge difference for us as well as people doing their 90 day Rocks.

Matt Moore, Moore Feed

I have been in business for nearly 30 years and nothing has been as effective as EOS. We previously tried to implement EOS on our own and found some improvement, but we were not fully successful in implementing the whole process. Working with Randy McDougal not only got us up and running in this incredible management system, but it also provided the most rapid acceleration we have ever experienced. Everyone on our team highly values and wholeheartedly recommends Randy to assist any business.

Hugh Stearns, Stearns Design Build

I’m not saying we were “lost” as a leadership team, but let’s just say as soon as Randy helped us bring our vision very practically down to the ground in simple steps, we found our way. He gave us a process that lays out the tools you need to consistently know what’s going on in your business and sets a structure for you and your team to follow over and over again.

Brandon Perryman, Fibertown

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