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Maust, Justin

Home Base:
South Bend, IN 46530
Service Area:
South Bend, IN Will travel to anywhere
About This Implementer

Justin is an entrepreneur, Certified EOS Implementer, and certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach for the John Maxwell Team. He runs a full implementer practice serving 27-35 clients at a time. He holds approximately 140 full EOS Session days per year.

Justin’s passion is helping clients get Real, Simple, Business results. Known for his personal “hold nothing back” style, he challenges leadership teams and individuals to execute the tools, own the disciplines and achieve the results required to live life full of passion at work and at home.

Justin lives in South Bend, IN with his wife Jenny and three children. Justin can be reached at 574.596.6957 or justin@justinmaust.com
Learn what some of his clients have to say:


“I can’t possibly put into words the value that both Justin and EOS have brought, and continue to bring, to our company. We were not broken before meeting Justin; we were already profitable, organized and high-functioning. But Justin and EOS have given us the tools to really up our game and make intentional, incremental steps toward accomplishing our goals. We are seeing immense value and impact at the Leadership Team level and all the way through the organization.”

Dominick Saratore, CEO /Owner

“With the clarity and focus Justin & EOS has helped establish, we have had our most successful months ever. We are exceeding sales and profit goals, setting and completing our rocks, and working together as a team better than we ever have. Without Justin and fully implementing EOS, I am convinced we would be in a much worse place today.”

DJ Moore, Managing Partner, Siltworm

“Justin and EOS have been an amazing tag team benefit to our company in so many ways. This has created extreme clarity for not only the management team but for all the employees throughout the entire organization. It has helped us solve issues in a timely manner. The efficiency of operations has improved to a level we did not know was possible. This resulted to an an increase in profit percentage to rates some would say is not possible.”

Homer Hochstetler, Owner, TreeServants
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