EOS Implementer


Martin, Lynda

Home Base:
Atlanta, GA 30319
Service Area:
Atlanta area from Cumming to Conyers, Peachtree City to Carrolton
About This Implementer

Business doesn’t come easily to many of us. Lynda has worked hard to learn what really works in business and what doesn’t. She now knows better than most what it takes to succeed in business on all levels.

For 25 years, it has been her honor to partner with over 125 companies as a trusted advisor in a safe, empathetic, and uplifting environment. Growth-oriented entrepreneurial leadership teams that are willing to learn, to be honest and vulnerable, find a way out of their frustration as we implement the principles and tools of EOS®.

Lynda’s EOS work flows from a mindfulness practice that began in childhood. Inspired by the concept of Tikkun Olam, which means to “repair the world,” she enjoys working with clients who take a regenerative capitalism approach to business, creating stable, healthy, sustainable systems for lasting and meaningful success.

Skills in leadership, business management, as well as personal development and intuition, grow on the journey as she works with you to pull apart the things that no longer work inside your company and shape powerful new systems and processes that will serve life-long organizational growth.

There comes a point in that growth when it’s time to have a professional guide company-wide implementation and hold the leadership team accountable. We see people on the team become better aligned and get more accomplished. Lynda coaches you to better outcomes through smarter decisions, so that when a crisis hits, you are better prepared to stay focused, adapt as needed, solve issues and move forward as a stronger, more efficient company.

As a native of Atlanta who has lived all over the country, Lynda values our urban forest and volunteers with her local piece of the Old-Growth Forest Network. She enjoys spending time with her extended family (aged 0-92), art of all kinds and taking sanity breaks (that is, playing!) with her dog.


Where do I even start? 10 fold growth in 2 companies….and we are just getting started! Our business relationship and friendship started over a cup a coffee and a few tears nearly four years ago. I had the drive, the vision and the motivation…but very little else! My mind raced with ideas but both my personal and professional infrastructure could not keep up. I was weakened by my own ambition and operating on gut instinct and lucky guesses. Lynda helped me focus my energy.

Matthew Dickason, Dickason Law Group

Lynda has been a great asset for our company. Under her coaching, we have been able to create a management team, create and communicate a shared company vision, create clarity within the organization, and have learned tools to overcome challenges and obstacles. I highly recommend Lynda to assist any company, whether you are preparing for anticipated growth or experiencing growing pains currently. Her skills and knowledge are invaluable.

Wendy Heath, R. A. Heath Construction
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