EOS Implementer


Marcum, Aaron

Home Base:
Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States
Murray, UT 84107, United States
Boise, ID 83708, United States
Service Area:
Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming (Twin Falls, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Jackson Hole)
About This Implementer

Aaron has been an entrepreneur for over 20-years, starting a small marketing business from his living room in 1998. Although this business ultimately failed, this experience lit the entrepreneurial flame for Aaron and was the beginning of a journey he will forever be grateful for.

Since then, Aaron has successfully started and scaled two multi-million-dollar companies, each with over 125 employees.

In 2009, Aaron sold his second start-up, a successful home care agency, and his third company, a market research firm, has become a nationally recognized brand in the home care industry.

However, his market research firm began to hit the ceiling and he knew they needed to get help. After exploring several business models, he discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System, otherwise known as EOS. Within 18-months, with the help of a wonderful Certified EOS Implementer, Aaron and his team embraced the timeless concepts found in EOS, fully implementing EOS throughout the organization.

For over 10 years, Aaron has passionately helped hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their business and frankly live a better life.

This is who Aaron is at the core and since discovering EOS and witnessing its positive impact first hand, Aaron is now a trained Professional EOS Implementer and gets to pursue his passion full-time by helping entrepreneurs and their teams get better at three things: Get everyone 100% on the same page with the Vision, gain exceptional Traction on that vision, and build a Healthy and cohesive leadership team.



Aaron is an incredibly talented EOS Implementer, who has made a world of difference. He is friendly, helpful, and yet takes his job seriously. With Aaron as our implementer we have found out who we are, as a business, at our core. Aaron has provided us with thought provoking sessions, advice, and has our leadership team all working together – on the same page. He is open minded to different ideas, organized, and solutions focused.

Erin R., Adult Care Assistance

Guts, drive, leadership, mentorship, integrity are a few words that describe Aaron, along with his ability to get everyone on the same page, and motivated in the same direction. As the CEO of Home Care Pulse, Aaron was always willing to try new things and equally ready to fail fast. That was something incredibly unique to, Aaron.As our EOS Implementer, Aaron has been unbelievable at getting a team to open up, be vulnerable, develop solutions and strategies to move the business forward!

Todd A., Home Care Pulse

The years I spent working with and along side Aaron Marcum were some of the most valuable of my career. Once Aaron discovered EOS and we made a conscious decision to implement it, Home Care Pulse has never been the same.Thank you Aaron for your leadership, vision, mentoring and friendship. You have truly changed my life for the better.

Erik M., Home Care Pulse

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