EOS Implementer


Maranca, Don

Home Base:
San Antonio, TX 78201
Service Area:
San Antonio, Austin, Hill Country & South Texas
About This Implementer

When Don was 5 years old, his father took his first entrepreneurial leap of faith by leaving a comfortable life in the Philippines and moving his family to the US, instilling a strong work ethic in Don. He encouraged Don to be his best and to take advantage of the opportunities this wonderful country has to offer. So Don’s wired for entrepreneurship.

With a drive for excellence, Don started his professional life in the corporate world working for Fortune 500 companies that were market leaders in their industry. But something was missing and he wanted to work with entrepreneurs. So he took his experience and worked in small businesses heading up the finance and operations departments. That’s where he found his passion in small business, eventually owning his own business in 2010 by purchasing The Alternative Board.

Through The Alternative Board (TAB) he has been privileged to work with hundreds of businesses at the strategic level. TAB provides an excellent service to owners in discussing strategy, getting peer advice and business coaching; however, he missed helping leadership teams with the implementation of strategy. Then he came across the EOS model and it was like reading something from his own thoughts developed into a complete, holistic system. It was aligned with his own philosophy. He is proud to be 1 of the first 112 carefully selected professional EOS implementers that share the passion of helping business leaders get the ideal life through a healthy business. Don loves what he does and strongly believes this is what he’s designed to do in this world.

Don has a wonderful wife and they have two boys together who keep him busy! He can be reached at 210-892-2018.


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