EOS Implementer


Manning, Lisa

Home Base:
Boston, MA 1741
Service Area:
New England, Willing to Travel
About This Implementer

Lisa believes that owning your own business is incredibly rewarding AND the stress level can be much higher than in a traditional leadership role. She knows this from experience as she has sat in both seats multiple times in her career.

Lisa has a passion for working with leadership teams to bring about lasting change. She began her career at Arthur Andersen where she learned, learned, learned and views those eight years as a great foundational start to her career. She left to start her own company specializing in offering interim management services for small to mid-size companies. During that period, she became particularly adept at putting out fires.

She then joined a family business experiencing flat top line growth. During that time they hired an EOS Implementer and she was shocked by what she saw. First, the company began experiencing 30-50% annual top line growth. Second, in seeing the EOS Model and Process, she became enthralled by the simplicity and effectiveness of the system. In twenty years in the business, she had discovered many tools that work and many that don’t. This, she says, has all the great stuff in one place!

After experiencing EOS first hand, she loved it so much she decided to devote her career to implementing EOS full time.

Lisa’s enthusiasm and passion for helping teams is clear and will be from the moment you meet her. Give her a call.

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