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Macliver, Jeremy

Home Base:
Phoenix, AZ 85085
Service Area:
Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott
About This Implementer
Jeremy Macliver, husband of 17 years and father of four, is passionate about helping business owners get what they want from their business. As a serial entrepreneur, Jeremy has led multiple companies through high growth phases, in construction, automotive, and service industries. Under Jeremy’s leadership, companies have doubled in size year after year, created strong cultures that attracted top talent, increased profitability, won Best Places to Work, and created apprenticeship programs that support youths interested in getting into the trades.

Today, Jeremy shares his insights with leadership teams to reignite the passion on which their business was founded, and guides them through the process of building a stable, long-lasting organization accountable to their vision.

Jeremy serves on the State of Arizona Advisory Board for Construction Education, the West-Mec Welding Advisory Board, as well as Chairs the State Welding Advisory Board, and the SkillsUSA State Competition.


It is hands down one of the best things we have done as an organization. We started seeing results the first day that we began working with Jeremy. The EOS® process aligned our leadership team, made us clear on our roles, and got all of us on the same page on where we are headed and more importantly, excited as a team about the future and what we will accomplish. It freed us up to implement tabled ideas & new opportunities, grow our revenue, , profitably at a faster and easier pace.

Jason Nunemacher, Tree Pro’s

Working with Jeremy has to be the best thing that has happened to my business. I always knew that we could succeed, but Jeremy made it possible by helping us align our values and setting difficult but realistic goals.

David Newton – Co-Founder, J.D. Howard and Co.

Implementing Jeremy’s system has allowed us to grow 20% each year for the past few years without adding any new people!

Jeremiah Padilla – Owner, MasterAZScapes


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