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Leary, Henderson Mark

Home Base:
Houston, TX 77080
Service Area:
Texas, Las Vegas.
About This Implementer

Mark’s passion is for everyone to feel in control of their life. He spends his time helping entrepreneurs gain control of their business so they can experience a truly freeing work-life balance. An entrepreneur at 27, Mark initially felt successful growing his services business from $0 in revenue to over $1MM in less than three years. Driven to break through this ceiling to make something significant out of the business, he struggled for the next seven years. During that time, he went to every seminar and conference he could, searching for the secret tip or trick that would finally help him launch the company into the stratosphere.

Almost a decade after starting the company, he finally cobbled all those tools together to create a system to run the business well enough to sell it. When he sold the business he was charged with creating the growth strategy for the acquiring company. Implementing everything he had learned in the past decade, the new company grew from $7.5MM to almost $20MM in the next three years.

It wasn’t until later that he found EOS and realized it was a simpler and more complete system than what he had built. If only he had had EOS 10 years earlier… Now Mark’s mission is to help visionary-led companies skip the decade of struggle he went through and get to work right now to get what they want from their business.

Mark is also the host of the “You’re Doing It Wrong” Podcast.



The first time I heard of EOS was when Mark spoke at an EO event. It was very clear that hiring him as the implementer was the right choice. During the meetings, he is able to keep our leadership team focused and always pushes us to be open with each other no matter how uncomfortable it may be. As a result, Ceremity leadership is the strongest it has ever been, we are focused, clear about our vision, get to the root of issues, and drive business through objectives and metrics.

Vladimir Collak, Ceremity CEO

Mark is an outstanding facilitator and implementer. His extreme knowledge, will to give and empathy for the organization and participants that are entering in EOS is outstanding. This helps all involved to focus on the organization’s needs and quickly get to the heart of issues.The simultaneous heartbeat of the various meetings help keep things moving and the team gaining traction.

Wes Spears, The Weston Group CEO

Wow, I hate that I am always wrong. I love that I am willing to do things differently.
My two biggest areas of resistance with EOS have been the core value and the quarterly meetings. I love both of them now. I really feel great having done the quarterly meeting. Super well received and it was actually fun.

Thank you.

PS. I really love EOS.

Terri Bohannon Gerke, Reach Healthcare Services CEO

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