EOS Implementer


LaFontsee, John

Home Base:
Hugo, Minnesota 55038, United States
Service Area:
Minnesota and Western, Wisconsin
About This Implementer

John is a well rounded entrepreneur and leader who has helped dozens of leadership teams and companies take control and grow their businesses over the last 30 years. John has run and co-owned niche construction and manufacturing businesses, restaurants and multi-faceted aviation service businesses. He has experience with both union and non-union companies and has a thorough understanding of labor issues, as well as a passion to help identify and solve those issues. He has guided companies to profitable growth by growing his leadership teams to a degree that he could “let go of the vine” of the day to day details, by identifying the core focus and being true to that core focus.

John has run family businesses, private equity owned businesses and been in senior leadership roles at large publicly held corporations. He brings this diverse experience to his clients and passionately understands their issues, which enables him to connect the right EOS tools with clients and their issues.

There is a reason John was able to successfully sell his businesses for very high multiples and help others increase the value of theirs. Simply put, John’s experience of being in the trenches of a functioning business, combined with his passion and experience with the EOS tools has made him a natural for many companies.

He has implemented EOS with leadership teams within multiple industries, including: construction, manufacturing, law, call centers, distribution, technology, graphics design, engineering, education, franchise and more.

John’s personal passion is reaching the future leaders that are on the frontline of so many businesses. He lives in the northern suburbs of St Paul/Minneapolis with his wife Dawn and works in Minnesota and Wisconsin helping organizations achieve traction by facilitating fast paced sessions and high-value workshops that help companies get the highest gain in the least amount of time.


Bill McKoskey, Horwitz Inc.

Kris Birch, Birch Lawn and Birch Tree Care

John is a passionate, committed leader who can instill trust and confidence from the Board room to the lunch room. John quickly identifies strategic objectives and sets high standards for performance in a way that engages and excites those who must make that performance happen. I would recommend John to any entrepreneurial organization looking to improve collaboration and performance.

Erik Skie, Clifton Larson Allen

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