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Kurzen, Wayne

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Atlanta, GA 30188
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SE US - but will travel nationwide
About This Implementer

Wayne Kurzen is a sought after keynote speaker, multi-time national award winning business advisor and successful entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in helping business leaders create organizations that become market leaders and highly valued companies.

A decorated Air Force pilot and commander of a unit of 500, who was promoted in the top 1% of his peers. He translated his leadership and management skills in running several successful businesses – growing one startup to become a Home Depot supplier in less than two years. He’s been in the shoes of the entrepreneur. He has also won many national awards from a group of 350 coaches to include “Coach of the Year” for client results.

Wayne’s passion is helping business owners have more time, money and the freedom to enjoy it. He does this by helping leadership teams implement EOS® — the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Wayne’s life goal is to “make a difference.” He loves EOS because it is the one thing he has found in 15 years that is a game changer –making a difference not only in the company, but the owners, the leadership and their families.

Wayne is on the board of several non-profits including: 101 Best and Brightest Companies, SafeHouse Urban Outreach, and LifeChangers Prison Ministry. He is also a Coach for Lifework Leadership.Call Wayne at 678-362-7734 (Cell)



All businesses need to be fine-tuned from time to time. All businesses need to be fine-tuned from time to time. Wayne helped us implement a EOS. It wasn’t long before we realized there were some real deficiencies. Today we have more clarity in our culture, improved communication, and better execution of goals. Day to day business issues no longer drain resources and energy of the company but often become great opportunities. We are better aligned as leadership team and as a company today.

Mike Tindol, Allgood Pest Solutions

As the owner of a fast growing company, I am keenly aware of the challenges of managing that growth. With Wayne’s excellent help we implement the EOS. We now have clarity regarding our company structure, values and vision…and meaningful goals that aren’t out of reach. One of the key issues, was to realize that one of our Leadership Team members was not in the right seat. While a very sensitive subject, the EOS tools made it so obvious and there was little stress in making the change.

Chris Antypas, Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy

Wayne has been a tremendous asset to our company as we increase the number of restaurants managed by over 300% in one year. Wayne has helped bring my vision to life by implementing the EOS, getting the right people in the right seats and prodding us to get the “elephant in the room” on the table — we all of your stores in EOS. For the 1st time ever, we actually have a plan in place for the next 3 years broken down quarterly to make sure we are staying on track.

Doug Augustine, Wendy’s & Taco Bell Franchisee

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