EOS Implementer


Kruczek, Tiffany

Home Base:
Detroit Metro, MI 48025
Service Area:
Michigan, Ohio and Indiana; willing to travel to help
About This Implementer

Tiffany has been helping people improve their businesses through focus on process, data and execution since 2002. Her initial career path in the corporate world taught her a lot of important lessons about how to (and not to) run a business but left her feeling frustrated and inconsequential because she really wanted to make an impact. She felt powerless.

That all changed when she co-founded a healthcare consulting company in 2012 with several other entrepreneurs in the Detroit area. The experience of building a company from the ground up was exhilarating (and often stressful) but so rewarding. After a few years the leadership team felt like they had ‘hit the ceiling’ and decided to implement EOS within the company.

Tiffany became the Integrator, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, and implemented the EOS tools over the next few years alongside an implementer. During this time revenue doubled each year and the leadership team became a cohesive, functional and healthy unit. Managing and working in the business got easier for leaders and employees alike because of the common language and accountability that evolved from the simple EOS tools.

After experiencing the benefits of EOS first hand, Tiffany felt compelled to become an implementer herself, to ultimately help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and lead their ideal lives with less stress and fewer headaches. She is proud to be part of such a hardworking and experienced group of individuals who are so passionate about helping entrepreneurial businesses succeed.

Tiffany lives in Franklin, MI with her husband and two sons. To connect with Tiffany, please contact her directly at (734) 658-2160.


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